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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Gary Valenciano - Hang On: The Soundtrack of My First Forty Years

Of all Gary Valenciano's hits in the past 25 years, this song, Hang On, his first hit song, is my favorite!  It has actually played a very crucial role in making me enjoy live concerts as a form of relaxation!  In 1986, 99.5RT in Cebu had a radio competition and the DJ asked the listeners to tell him the first hit single of Gary.  I quickly called the radio station and the good thing was I was the first caller!  I quickly answered this song, and voila, I got free tickets to watch Gary in the Sacred Heart gymnasium!  I was very excited by it!  Of course, that show was just the start of the many concerts I've watched since I was in high school.  It does help that this song is also very good and I still love it until now!

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