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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Four Ways I Fight Boredom When Working Out

Yes, exercising in the gym can get boring and there are days when I just don't find the motivation to go, especially if the branch I plan to go has no Body Jam classes.  But still, with the steep monthly gym fee of 3,000 pesos (US$69.35) a month, I have no choice but to use my gym privileges wisely.  So, on my 'off days', this is what I do to fight the boredom -

1.  The Group Exercises routine at Fitness First usually stay the same for a month, so what I do, I just limit a particular exercise to at most, twice a week.  That means doing Body Jam and Body Combat only twice a week so that I won't get bored with the routines.

2.  I 'emote' in gay parlance when I do the group exercises!  Even though the steps stay the same, I pretend that I'm doing it for the first time, or I find novel ways of doing it so that I won't get bored doing the same thing again and again!

3.  I try to go to another branch just to break my stupor. For example, now that I have Spanish classes in Taft, I go to FF Robinson's Manila and attend their Step classes, which other branches don't have. 

4.  I try another teacher.  Sometimes, being overly familiar with a teacher can bore me, so I try another one.  For example, if I attend the same yoga teacher again and again, I get bored with her style, so for at least a week in a month, I switch to another teacher in another branch, so that I would see how another person does it.  And in yoga, although you do the same poses, each teacher has his or her own way of helping their students attain the poses to the best of their abilities.

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