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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Theatre Review: Care Divas - An Earnest Look at A Unique Kind of OFWs

Last Sunday, I brought Mama to watch the second to the last show of PETA's Care Divas, which some of my friends from the CCP has been telling me about. It's funny that I didn't know about this play, since the PETA theater is just a five-minute drive from the house! And I pass it almost everyday!

Anyway, Mama and I enjoyed the show very much! Mama could easily have been one of the divas in this play! Yun lang, wiz me pics kasi ako ang photographer, and we had to muscle in with many other fans who wanted their pics taken with the divas! I actually wanted to have a picture with the sole young guy in the cast, bwahaha! Oh well, missed opportunity.

The musical is very well-written and very well-performed and it's based on a very interesting premise. Five Filipino trannies who couldn't be themselves in the Philippines decide to work in Israel as caregivers, and there, the Israeli society accepts them as they are - trannies working as caregivers! There's some semblance of truth to that. Here in the Philippines, trannies are only accepted if they work in comedy bars. I haven't heard of any tranny working as a nurse. At least, it's not widespread.

Anyway, apparently in Israel, it's not a problem with them. As the musical wears on, they sing about their travails as OFWs there, the constant badgering from home for more money, the constant hide-and-seek with the immigration police for the illegals in their group - and the tragic love affair between one of them and an Arab illegal worker, and their dream to be performers in a big bar in Tel Aviv - which they realize but not in the way they wanted! Such heavy themes really, but it is made lighter and palateable since these divas make them funny and light-hearted!

There's even a scene where the mother chastises her son for supporting the Palestinian settlers!! Reminds me of that ship which the Israelis bombed because it was helping Palestinians! The debate rages even inside their own society!

Well, that Sunday morning was just pure fun and although I can wax another essay on my opinions about Israel and Palestine, I have a feeling their conflict will never end. Not in my lifetime, I think. There's just too much hatred still. However, Care Divas exuded understanding, love and concern and a better understanding of how trannies want to live their lives as themselves and become productive members of our society. We all want that, don't we, with or without that thick mascara and false eyelashes!

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