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Thursday, March 24, 2011

I Prefer Being Friends With the Ex

I was in the spa yesterday and I bumped into an ex from the 1990s.  We conveniently ignored each other.  However, next week, I am flying to HK to celebrate the birthday of my latest ex!  Such different reactions to two different ex's! 

The interesting thing is, I am friends with more of my ex's than those who I just ignore when I see them.  I think it depends on how we broke up.  If the break up was filled with acrinomy, then I never want to talk with that person again.  But if the break-up was less acrimonious, then the possibility of us being friends again is higher. 

Also, I do like to maintain the friendship since these guys are really people I like in the first place!  We have many similarities and we like the same things - so there's no reason to maintain the friendship.  Of course, it does not happen immediately since it takes time to heal the wounds.  But heal it does and some of my ex's are now good friends again.  We just try never to cross that line anymore from friendship to love - it just makes things more complicated.

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