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Friday, March 4, 2011

My Daily Expenses: March 4, 2011

I spent a lot again today since I decided to watch the movies that I wanted.  And also, I hired the driver to make my commute today easier. 

1.  gas - 200 pesos (US$4.62) - I'm such a cheapskate when it comes to putting gas into the van.  At least it makes me see how much that thing usually uses! 

2. driver - 560 pesos (US$12.95) - that's his daily wage plus some food allowance.

3. parking - 75 pesos (US$1.73)

4.  movies - 350 pesos (US$8.09) - I decided to watch in Glorietta instead of GB3 since the movies were cheaper and they ended an hour earlier

5.  food - 168 pesos (US$3.88) - I took out the drinks and the fries since I'm supposed to be on a diet

                 1353 pesos (US$31.27)    

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