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Friday, September 19, 2014

Scotland Says No!

The world's borders have changed so much before the 90s and after the 90s and my generation has seen it all.  

It used to be the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics or the USSR but after glasnost, ayun, I was shocked to find out that there were Asian looking people pala who were former Soviets!  So now, Victoria Azarenka who is from Belarus and Maria Sharapova who comes from Russia are playing for different countries!

Czechoslovakia broke into the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic while both East and West Germany became one unified country.

I was also very surprised to see Yugoslavia break into so many small countries! Marin Cilic who is Croatian would've been teammates with Ana Ivanovic who is Serbian!

Anyway, buti na lang majority of the Scots voted No in the referendum for their independence.  However, for how long can the UK hold on to them, kasi the 55%-45% vote is very close!  

A Yes vote kasi would've huge implications all over Europe! The Basque and the Catalan regions in Spain could demand a referendum from the central Spanish government and that country could break up!  The Corsicans might also demand a break from France!

Oh well, the boundaries of the countries of the world will always remain fluid even after I leave this earth.

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