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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Capturing the CCP at Night

I am a regular at the CCP since I always watch a show there but tonight was the first night that we used the elevated driveway!  I learned kasi na the elevator was not working so I told Larry, our driver to use the elevated entrance.  You can enter it from both sides pala.  May harang but they leave a space enough for a car to enter.  I think they do this para walang magshortcut doon.

I also found out that a lot of people stay on the lawn and there were a lot of joggers when we were there - around 8PM last night!  Very democratic nga e - I love it!  Probably one of the best things Imelda did for the Philippines!

So when we passed the entrance, I decided to take some snapshots of the impressive fountain and the CCP edifice!  Ang ganda!  The photos do not do justice to the beauty that we saw last night!  Ganda talaga!

We also got some pictures of the CCP lobby as we were leaving it that night.  It still looks fantastic as ever!

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