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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Artur Avila: 2014 Fields Medal Winner - And I Thought Mathematicians Looked Like Nerds!

Brazil shouldn't fret pala with their World Cup loss this year.  Their most brilliant mathematician, Artur Avila just won the Fields Medal this year! Amazing! 

Well, the Fields Medal is the Nobel Prize for Mathematics, since, if you didn't know, the Nobel Prize doesn't give prizes to mathematicians.

I also only learned now that Brazil pala has a university exclusively for graduate-level mathematics in Rio de Janeiro, called IMPA and it has been there since 1952.  It only has around 150 students but its annual budget is a staggering half a BILLION pesos!!  (I want to cry for UP hu hu hu).  No wonder, it finally produced a Fields Medal winner.

I met a lot of math major nerds in UP and I really hope one of them would win the Fields Medal someday.  Most of my teachers who had Math doctorates studied in Japan.  Studying in Rio would've been more fun since in the article I read, most of his peers would find Artur on the beach - and they would hold their consultations there!  Who said studying Math isn't fun!!

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