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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tristan Jovellana: Cute Interior Designer

While the whole family was having dinner tonight, we decided to watch some TV and decided on watching Talentadong Pinoy on Channel 5.  During the commercial breaks, I spotted this new show they had, a spinoff from the American version of Extreme Makeover.  Well, turned out that one of the hosts there is a very cute interior designer named Tristan Jovellana!  Imagine, it was just a 30 second thingie and I immediately spotted him!  I did try to watch the show since it came next after Talentado but I couldn't find Tristan!  It was mostly that Divine girl talking and I didn't exactly warm up to her.  I really have no patience much for TV so I just left after five minutes and returned to my tennis TV.  At least I got to chance to blog about him here. Too bad he's straight - and MARRIED, que horror!
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