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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Sid Lucero: The Scruffy Call Boy in Tambolista

I just watched this indie movie on Cinema One entitled Tambolista and it featured one of the hunks of Philippine independent movies - Sid Lucero.  With his pedigree, Sid could've easily broken into mainstream showbiz but since the interesting roles are not there, I understand why he has chosen the more demanding indie movie route.  I've seen him in Selda and Muli and I think this is my third viewing of his movies - and I think among those three movies - he looks hot here and very sexy. The scruffy look really brings out his animal appeal!  And thank God, he can act, even with that beautiful face, he can be the Machiavellian character he is supposed to be - goodlooking on the outside, rotten on the inside.  He has several shirtless scenes here - lucky us!

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