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Friday, April 29, 2016

The Ten Scariest Movies That I've Ever Seen! (Numbers 6-10)

It's that time of year again where our collective fears of mothers-in-law, spiders, cockroaches and ghosts are being exploited by Hollywood, so in line with the times, I came up with my list of the ten scariest movies that I've ever seen.  Now, this runs the gamut from sci-fi movies, to zombie movies, to ghost movies to vampire movies so find out if there's something you may have not watched yet!

10.  The Shining (1980) - I saw this movie in Hong Kong when they had a Stanley Kubrick's retrospective.  I remember being afraid of the isolation and the descent to madness of Jack Nicholson's character. There they were, in that hotel up in the mountains, with no one around except a mad man ready to chop them down!!  Scream!!

9 - The Birds (1963) - I saw this movie in an Alfred Hitchcock marathon Halloween screening in Glorietta 4 and even if the effects are a bit dated, the birds are vicious, and scary looking!  And Tippi Hedren is so stylish and beautiful and classy - so I was really concerned for her!  For me, when the birds attacked the kids - now that part was very scary!

8 - Ringu (1998) - I saw this movie by mistake!! There was a Japanese film festival in Greenbelt 3 and there was a buzz around The Ring - the American version - so I bought tickets to The Ring - and found out I bought tickets not for the American version, but for Ringu!!  I wanted to walk out of the theater with my friend and brother but we stayed on since we were gripped by the movie!  Japanese films normally have no soundtrack and it's very quiet, just the scene unfolding.  I think it made the experience more unnerving for us!!  Weeks later, Sadako became a household name in Manila and Ringu became a sleeper hit.  My friend wanted to go out in the middle of the movie to urinate but she didn't want to miss a scene so she stayed!  When Sadako came out of the well and out of the TV screen - my heart was in my throat!  Like the character, I wanted to scream, but could not, out of shock!

7 -  Cloverfield (2008) - I went into watching this movie not knowing anything about it.  I haven't even seen the trailer.  All I knew at that time was, it was a big box-office hit in the US the week it was released.  Lucky me!  I was in for a fantastic and scary ride!  I was so scared for all the characters there!! The helicopter crash was the scariest experience for me!  I was flying so much at that time and I find the crash scene as too real!!

6 - 28 Weeks Later (2007) - I saw this movie without seeing the original, 28 Days Later, and I still find the sequel, much much scarier.  When I was growing up, zombies walked very slowly, and were very lethargic.  But seeing this movie, scared me so much, because now, the zombies can run as fast as us and were vicious eaters - of humans!! 

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