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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Updating Arron Villaflor

I have just finished watching Brothers and Sisters last night and I found to my surprise that the article I wrote about Aaron Villaflor zoomed to #1 in my Most Popular Posts - and these posts have to have high 7-day page views to be able to be in that list - and this guy topped it!  Incredible!  Found out later that he did something naughty in Vice Ganda's show.  I just got a whiff of it from what I read on Twitter, but I'm sure it was titillating enough to give him such a boost in numbers!  Oh well, so, I decided to post a new blog post about him right now so I could just update his pics for my blog.  He does look incredibly cute!  Too bad he has still eluded rightful stardom up to now....
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