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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Book Review: The Right Attitude to Rain

The Right Attitude to Rain by Alexander McCall Smith brings you to the beautiful city of Edinburgh in Scotland. As you read the novel, the author allows you to be in the city as well, as he describes portions of the city and the pace of life in this capital city.

I will certainly use this book as a guidebook of sorts if I do get a chance to visit this city soon! I could trace the footsteps of the main character as she makes her way in and around her home city.

This is a pretty introspective novel as almost no action happens, and most everything is dependent on the moral judgments and philosophical decisions of the main character Isabel Dalhousie.

The pacing is almost glacial, there would be times you'd be tempted to put the book down, but there are many philosophical musings here that can be used as hugot lines for the more hopeless romantic of persuasion.

Now I understand why writing has to have action and why there has to be antagonists in the story. There is almost no obstacles that bar the way of the main character that the story can be dull and uninspiring, since she practically has everything she wants in life.

However, I plod on reading because I find uncomplicated lives like Isabel same to mine and how I look at life. The less complications, the less drama, the less stress, more happiness. Sadly though, lives like mine and Isabel Dalhousie don't make an interesting read.

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