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Sunday, April 24, 2016

My First Time to Hear Daniel Padilla Sing Live

So this is the Daniel Padilla all the young girls (and gays) are going gaga over.

When I learned the KathNiel fans were going to be present in last night's Himig Handog show, I knew pandemonium was going to happen, and in a way, it did!

I have seen Daniel act in a movie and I was not surprised how charming he was since I've seen all the other Padillas act and they have that killer charm which ladies fall for (although one of them transformed into a lady) - but that's another story.

However, it was my first time to hear him sing live, and in fairness to the guy, he can carry a tune, and combine that with his innate charm, ayun, you realize why they're so into him!

Of course, when I told Laura earlier in the afternoon that I was going to see him later, she just shrugged nonchalantly, and said she did not care for boys.

I am still in a safe place, but I know, not for long!

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