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Friday, April 15, 2016

Taylor Kitsch Saves the World Again in Battleship

Just a month after the John Carter debacle, Taylor Kitsch tries to save the world again, this time from the sea, in the naval adventure, Battleship.  It's those pesky aliens again, and this time, they show their naval prowess - which is frankly, an eyeful to see!  I actually enjoyed watching it. There was even a fight scene done almost wholly through radar - and boy, was that fun to watch!

As for Taylor, well, I guess after he did John Carter, he proceeded here - because in the beginning of the movie - he still had that John Carter haircut.  Of course, he had to shed it off soon as he joined the US Navy.  He does look hotter with shorter hair and he has a short naked bath tub scene here with all the suds strategically placed.  What actually made the movie hotter for me was also in that bath tub scene was Alexander Skarsgard! Now, if only, instead of Alex blabbering about, if he just put Taylor's you know what in that mouth of his to shut him off - now that would be cool to see! Haizzz... my fantasy world.....
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