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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Q & A's from Live Taped Shows Freak Me Out!

When I was choosing the seat for the Himig Handog show last night, I didn't realize I would be put in a very precarious situation, since it was a live taped show.

I am no stranger to live ABS-CBN shows but this show had so many segments where the hosts asked audience members about their love lives and their hugot experiences - and the aisle seat I had was always near where the hosts did their spiels!

The aired show last night was heavily edited already but if you were in the live taped show, there were many sequences where the hosts, Robi, Kathryn and LizQuen talked directly to audience members!

Buti na lang, in all their spiel blockings, they missed me by a seat or two!

I would be petrified being shown on TV since I am very insecure about how I look and I wouldn't know what to say to questions like "How do you move on from a breakup?" (Find the hottest guys in your phone directory and have sex with all of them?)

Oh God, I can be Duterte-like when my mouth opens! Andami pa namang minors sa audience.

By the way, these are some BTS pictures from last night's show.

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