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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Still Fighting The Urge To Use My Credit Cards

This past month, I have instituted changes in my personal finances so that I could pay my credit card loans in the next 12 months.  Not easy to do since it's a good chunk off my weekly 'allowance' but it's doable and not impossible.  My rule now is to buy all my concert and play tickets IN CASH, and the simple rule is this - if you don't have cash then you can't watch the show - simple as that.  Before, it was so easy to just use the card first but now I am paying for all my previous sins!

I've also stopped shopping since I remember that in my last shopping spree, the pants I bought are still unused in my closet!  Que horror!  Ditto for the CDs and DVDs!  Crazy really! So now, even if all the Sales signs are around me, I couldn't be tempted to buy since I remember quickly my credit card debt and I cry inside!  Well, punishment really for the foolish!

So I will just have to duplicate the success of last month to this month.  It will require discipline on my part but nothing that most ordinary people experience on a day-to-day basis.

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