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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Movie Review: Uhhmm...The Naughty and Delicious Kape Barako

From the irreverent and naughty mind of my yoga teacher, Lex Bonife comes another delicious confection about men, and their juices and why it keeps their coffee really tasty.  There are only two ways into watching this movie - react with sheer disgust or just give out a hearty laugh. That seems to be the reactions I could hear around me during a Saturday night screening in Galleria.  Yes, there were guys giving out big laughs but the queens in my back sneered in disgust!  Oh well, you'd have to watch the movie to find out why this movie elicits such strong reactions. 

I was surprised too to find two of my friends in the movie (Czar Garcia and Laqui Enerio) - and they even had a few lines!  Well, the movie has enough titillating scenes for a gay man to enjoy.  And the guys are really of the 'barako' stuff - as the title suggests!
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