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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Movie Review: No Other Woman Provides An Entertaining Catfight

The long lines in the cinemas these past two weeks has surprisingly been for a local movie called No Other Woman which is about an adulterous affair and the catfight that ensues after.  Well, there's really not much spin you can put into an a story about adultery - it has been done very well so many times over in the past but what keeps the people interested in this movie is its deliciously sharp script which the audience has promptly posted in their Facebook profiles or regurgitated into their office or school conversations! It also does help that the guy they're fighting for is in fact drool-worthy and can believably be someone two attractive women would actually fight for! 

I have seen Anne Curtis in Who's That Girl, but she portrays a more mature role here, which she does well.  This is the first time I've seen Cristine Reyes act and she cleverly balances the retiscent nature of her character - uneasily uncomfortable with what she has to do to protect her turf.  As for Derek Ramsay, well, he's just plain delicious in the movie, like a cub these two lionnesses would want to cuddle in their arms!

It's great that another local movie is blasting Hollywood and some of its banal offerings this week.  This is the second straight adultery movie which I think did well in the tills - My Neighbor's Wife played to arguably lesser audience numbers but since it ran for two weeks, I assumed it also did well.  It's good that they've put the Sarah Geronimo-John Lloyd pacute act for a while.  What happens after two people fall in love is actually more exciting!

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