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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Celebrating the Power of Praying the Holy Rosary

I discovered the power of the holy rosary at a young age since we all went to Catholic school, a La Salle school at that!  I first began to really appreciate the rosary at the age of 13 and I remember bringing along to school everyday.  I always had one in my pencil case - and I remember my Practical Arts teacher in high school exclaim surprise when he saw my rosary there!  I think he borrowed something from me and when he saw it he was a bit surprised.  But I guess I earned plus point from him for image!

Anyway, I do pray the rosary. I try everyday, or after the mass when I go to mass.  It's like chanting or meditation since the words are repetitive and I guess it's that nature which makes you closer to God or Mother Mary since you pray with a degree of fervency and devotion.

Normally, I offer the each of the four mysteries to the concerns of my family and my businesses, and the fifth one to children being abused - that they be saved or that a guardian angel can save them.

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