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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Movie Title: Tragic Twist to a Messy Married Life

I am a big fan of Naomi Watts, Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz so I was pretty interested when I saw them all together in this movie.  I was just surprised that they decided to do a thriller considering their thespic gifts, especially the two women.

Well, the movie unravels slowly in the first hour, which keeps you riveted, for a while.  But soon as the pieces are being put together, the suspense peters out a bit - and you find out - that the cause of it all was something detached from the main characters.  It disappointed me a bit since all the earlier scenes was pointing into a big finale - which came but it was not big or dramatic.  It was more of sad really - and tragic.  Weird thing is, this is something I see everyday in my favorite CIS (Crime and Investigation Channel).

Well, you can sit this out and just buy the DVD or wait for it in HBO.  It's a case of wasted talent, even for the director, Jim Sheridan, who is another great auteur.  But not for this one.

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