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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Bad Timing to Battle with my Belly Bulge

Two weeks ago, I have consciously lessened my intake of sweets and softdrinks since I felt I was already consuming too much of both!  Well, I still drink softdrinks and eat some sweets but it has lessened by about 50-70%.  I could be excused this week since it was Mama's birthday and the birthday of my friends, Jen and Baby, so I took a little of the sweets, but I believe they were still way below my 'normal' level before.

I now consciously bring water to school or to wherever I go.  I also switch to bottled water whenever I can, in lieu of softdrinks. I've also stopped buying my favorite Oreos and mallows and cookies.  That way, at least my sugar levels won't be too high and i won't have to fight so hard, the fat in my belly.

The fat is still there but it's now in the center.  I can now wear some of my favorite long-sleeved shirts but more work has to be done to achieve a slimmer me. Bad timing though, Christmas is around the corner already!

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