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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Three Reasons Why You Should Date that Guy Who's Ten Years Younger Than You

One of my most interesting girl friends doesn't want to date guys who are ten years younger or more, than herself.  Once she knows that the guy falls into that age range, she just immediately says no!  Funny thing is, these past six months, I have been going out with guys who are 15 years younger than me, some even half my age - and it's such an eye-opening experience, which I think these great gal pals of mine should at least experience - even for just the fun of it!

I could think of three good reasons why they should at least, give these guys a chance -

#1 The sex is vava-voom!!  To say the least!  Think rock hard most of the time, think Energizer bunny!  What I would give to have that amount of energy now, at my age!

#2 They are just so adorable, when they're younger!  Less baggage, more laughter, more smiles, slimmer waists, and much easier to please.  And they smell fresher!

#3 I know the generation gap opens when he thinks Madonna is the music his Mom plays and that Cher is a grandmother, which is actually true, considering the ages of these ladies, which, really are the icons of my generation, but, you also get to know what's hip now - since for younger people, anything older than a year old - be it a song, a movie, a gadget - is, well, old!  That's just how they think.  Come to think of it, I also used to think that way, until nostalgia started creeping in about ten years ago, when I turned 30.  Admittedly, my world view became better when I started dating these really young guys.  It was much much more fun!

So, go for it!  Keep your eyes wide open, and the truth is, if they say yes to you for a date - and you didn't have to pay them - could maybe mean they still find you vivalicious!

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