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Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Oscar Pick for Best Picture: The Social Network

It's one of those rare years where most of the Oscar-nominated movies have already been screened here in Manila.  This year, out of the ten Best Picture nominees, only The Kids Are All Right, Winter's Bone and The King's Speech have to make their way here - which is remarkable!  There were years when I was growing up, that I would see the Oscar-nominated movies, only after they've already won.

Anyhow, my pick for Best Picture would still be The Social Network.  I think the academy should give this award to this movie since among all the nominees, it has the most recent theme, and it chronicles something that is actually happening now!  Facebook has really revolutionized the social habits of today's youth.

It does help that David Fincher turns something that would, maybe, look boring on paper, look interesing on screen.  And I admit, I was transfixed with this movie, from that scene where Jesse Eisenberg was having this clever conversation with this co-ed up to the last scene.  I was really impressed!!  At that time, I had only seen Inception (which is equally impressive too!).  This film just took me on the rollercoaster ride that the characters in it were expressing.  I really actually cared for them!  And they're not even nice people!!

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