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Sunday, February 20, 2011

In the Philippines, Gay Men Prefer Straight Men

My gay friends are often amused when I tell them that here in the Philippines, gay men still prefer straight men - and all of them would look incredulously at me!  Of course, common sense would dictate that it's a no-win situation, but in a country where poverty is widespread, it is not uncommon for straight men to 'use' gay men for money, for career advancement, for any viable reason that a beautiful but poor woman would also do just to hook up with that filthy rich but really ugly man. 

So I told them, really feminine gay men (and many masculine gay men) have relationships with handsome straight men, albeit poor men, who sometimes 'abuse' these gay men.  But of course, I believe these 'sisters' of mine get into these 'relationships' with eyes wide open, so they really know the consequences of their actions.  So it's not uncommon to see them crying their hearts out in the end when the straight guy decides to be with the woman he really loves!  But even then, some gay men still continue to support their lovers plus their wife and their kids too!  See, love is really blind!! 

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