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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Democracy in the Middle East? Oh yeah, a pan-Arab youth Movement is making it happen!!

Finally, because of the power of the Internet, the youth of the Middle East are starting to wake up!  I know it's a stereotypical comment to see Arab countries as oppressive to women, backward in social justice and cruel to gay people - but with what I'm seeing now, people everywhere, regardless of race and cultural background - all want freedom and democracy - to making their voices heard!! 

I guess because the Internet allows information to cross through borders - the Middle Eastern youth have seen what freedom and democracy has done to many of the more economically progressive countries, so they want the same for their own countries.  Down with dictatorships and oligarchies and hello to the new Middle Eastern political order - where they youth can have a more active role and voice in governing their respective countries.  In the end, the oligarchies in Tunisia and Egypt fell, and I won't be surprised if the bandwagon continues as it spreads like wildfire in the region.

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