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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Leccion Espanol: Speeding Up the Learning Process

Mila was absent today and Jorge took over us again.  And he hasn't changed a bit.  Our class today was in overdrive, as we discussed a lot of topics.  First off, we did the adjectives that describe someone, including his characteristics and physical traits.  We learned when to us ser and estar on those two.  For example, in English, we can just say, "He is tall" which is "Es alto."  However, if we say, "He has black hair", we use the verb estar instead, so it becomes "Estoy el pelo negro."  We had several exercises on that so it drives the point for us when to use which verb.

We also did the family tree today, from the abuelos (grandparents) down to the nietos (the grandchildren), and of course, all the interrelationships in between. Jorge gave us a puzzle which we had to do, and I was paired with Abigail.  We had a great time doing it, and we only had one mistake.  We were too tired to correct our mistake though since it was really draining completing the puzzle.

Finally, we did the possessive pronouns which really threw us into a spin!  It was really information overload.  But I guess, Jorge was still impressed.  Yeah, we rock!

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