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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Leccion Espanol: Really Lucky to Have a Great Spanish Teacher

Our first level lessons will end next week and almost everyone in the class is already making plans on what schedule to pick for the second level.  I will still continue to enroll since the foundation set by my Spanish teacher now, Mila Vieco, has been excellent, to say the least.  We are all lucky in her class, to have her as our teacher, since her pacing is impeccable and she makes sure we are not shy to talk in Spanish, even though we are still in Level One.  We did the verb 'estar' today, which indicates the location of something. So we did prepositions, Spanish style, but using the verb 'to be' which is 'estar'.  Yes, it can be confusing to an English speaker, but to Spanish people, Mila says, it's just second nature.

Well, we have homework again today, and we have to describe our jobs using verbs conjugated in the present tense. 

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