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Monday, June 25, 2012

Me Gusta the Milk Tea at Tokyo Bubble Tea Morato

Unlike many of the young people today, I didn't really latch on to the milk tea craze immediately.  I did try different versions of it but I couldn't understand why the kids loved them when para lang naman siyang iced tea that you can drink when you go to HK.

Well, my view changed last week when Rica and I chanced upon this milk tea place called Tokyo Bubble Tea milk tea place and restaurant.  I tried their Adzuki Red Bean Milk Shake - and I was definitely hooked agad!

I invited Vic to the place once again today, and along with Laura and Mama, we tried the same drink and also their cakes.  Di gaano masarap yung cakes nila today - not like the last time I went, when their chocolate cake was really good!

This is my favorite drink there, the Adzuki Red Bean Milk Shake - and I always ask for a double serving of the red bean - just like what I do in HK!

Their innovative lamps overhead

On the upper cabinets, you can find these Japanese-inspired toys - parang mga Tamagotchi

Ayan, finally found the name of the place!
Mi favorito!

I forgot the name of this cake but it tastes like coffee - we didn't quite like it but it looked intriguing!

Their carrot cake - di rin gaano masarap - gusto ko kasi super super tamis!

My guilty pleasure nowadays!!  double the red bean!! super yum yum!!

Their sylvanas!  Di rin gaano masarap and super tigas - although Mama said, dapat raw matigas

Laura didn't like her drink din - bago pa kasi for her - she didn't like the black stuff sa baba!

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