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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Samples of Shocking Art that the Ayala's Should Put in Bonifacio High Street

The installation art the Ayala's have placed at the Bonifacio High Street is boring.  I know they have to play it safe but since no one talks about them, they don't get any attention at all from the people.  However, I've come across some really controversial artists and their renegade ideas.  

What if these artworks were the one displayed all over Bonifacio High Street?  Ang saya-saya siguro ng reactions ng mga tao!

Well, check out this Santa by Paul McCarthy - bizarre, isn't it?

This next picture was supposed to be part of an exhibition at the Tate Modern, but had to be taken down.  I decided not to put the whole picture because it might excite some perverts out there and that's not what I want for this blog -

Prepubescent Brooke Shields by Garry Gross

What about this Walton Ford watercolor of an elephant?  It looks like those Audubon watercolors but if you look closely enough - gasp!

Well, this next picture won't have much impact if it's in a showroom in Asia but if it's in a Western household........I don't know...........

Piotr Uklanski's The Nazi's

Now, if only the Ayala's would put this sculpture in the Serendra area! -

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