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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Life Is Truly Stranger Than Fiction: Husband Meets Wife's Ex-Husband Who Is Now A Woman!

Truly, real life is stranger than fiction!  Even our local showbiz scene has some of these tales as shown by this article about Zoren Legaspi finally meeting and talking to the ex-husband of his wife Carmina Villaroel - who is now a woman!  I don't know if she is 'technically' a woman already but society has apparently accepted her to be so as she has completely 'erased' her former identity as Rustom and assumed the name BB Gandanghari years ago!

Kudos to Zoren for not feeling too -icky about the matter.  The hatchet between Rustom and Carmina has long been buried and both have moved on with their lives like mature adults that they are!

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