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Monday, June 4, 2012

I'm Beginning to Like the MOA Arena!

We arrived at the SM Mall of Asia around 6PM last night for the NKOTBSB concert.  We got down in front of the ferris wheel area, and since dusk was settling in, we had our pictures taken, just for effect -

I used the miniature effect here on my camera so that the background would blur a bit.  Love the effect!

Since we already ate at the Dampa, we just decided to walk around the mall.  We chanced upon a Book Sale shop so we went in to browse a bit.  I found a book in Spanish written for Latinos learning English.  Decided not to buy it though since I did not want to bitbit anything.  

Soon as I passed a Selecta shop, I decided to buy a Cornetto, just for snack - and took these pictures of the passersby -

Me and Vic having ice cream!

MOA Shoppers and mall promenaders, Sunday dusk

After getting our ice cream fix, we proceeded to the MOA Arena and we were met by a crowd of people rarin' to enter the arena.  We had to go to the parking area to be able to enter as queues were already snaking into the entrance of the place.  I took some nice shots of the arena - both from the front and the back -

This was taken from the 'other side' of the Arena, the one facing the mall.

I LOVE THIS SHOT!  This was taken in the entrance of the mall facing the parking lot.

I had to take another photo since I missed taking the Mall of Asia Arena signage.
 After having our tickets checked, we went to the food counter to get something to eat and drink - again!!

There are many food choices on the sides.  This one was in the middle.  Avoid it.  The queues are tres long!

 Finally, we went inside.  The atmosphere was still a bit quiet since it was early, around 7:30PM.

The place is looking cavernous to me now.  I am beginning to appreciate the layout.

I guess since we were nearer, the screens now look bigger to me hahaha!
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