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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Padre Pio Church: The Best Stations of the Cross Experience I've Ever Had!

It was a good thing I met my good friend Jennifer Chan Lorenzo​ over the weekend so she told me the details about the Padre Pio church in Libis.  I have never been there and I was planning to visit it this Holy Week, para naman perfect timing!

We've all heard about the miraculous things this priest has done for a lot of people and God knows, I too, need a miracle right now, so off to Padre Pio we went, church #2 in our Visita Iglesia list.

The church is a bit strict about many things, but if you ever want to do a Stations of the Cross and want to do it in one church only, I HIGHLY recommend you do it here in Padre Pio.  It's a different experience because it brings you closer to God and in a way, you really walk in His shoes!  I won't go much into the details para you'll discover the 'fun' experience when you're there!  

Follow the queue instructions, otherwise baka kung saan kayo mapunta.  DON'T WEAR SLIPPERS.  You will be 'punished'!! joke lang Kat Dienzo Samson​!  DON'T WEAR SHORTS as well.  You will be 'punished' again hahaha  

The crowd was very cooperative.  Nobody took any pictures during the Stations of the Cross.  Walang nagselfie and I have no pictures to show you kasi bawal magpicture sa loob.  Basta all I can say is, I am definitely going back next year because of the very unique experience!  

Yes, you can bring children, as long as nakakalakad na sila, and yes, they will join the 'fun' as well - walang exempted!  Kahit mga matatandang lola nga, pasan ang daigdig ang peg!

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