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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Terrible Traffic in Eastwood During Visita Iglesia 2015

If you drove through Eastwood yesterday, I bet you were cursing under your breath, because the traffic was so bad because of the road works! To make matters worse, there are three churches within that area which people would visit for the Visita Iglesia - Christ the King, Padre Pio and the church inside Eastwood. We only visited the first two kasi pagod na my feet if we were to walk pa inside Eastwood for church #3.
Since it was impossible to bring my car to each church and have enough time to finish the whole Visita Iglesia, I just decided to park in Greenmeadows and told everyone the bad news - we have to walk to both churches if we were to avoid the traffic! Anyway, since penitencia din naman ang Visita Iglesia, pwes, maglakad na lang tayo.
The queue of cars entering Padre Pio church was soooooo loooooonnggg parang one hour ang waiting list bago ka makapasok. I think some people parked at Shopwise. We saw some of our gymmates do that! Even then, natrap ka pa rin sa C5!
And I swear dumami talaga ang middle class sa Manila kasi I've never experienced a Visita Iglesia where parking was going to be a problem!! In my 2008 Visita Iglesia, I swear I could park near any church we visited and the most walking I did was half a kilometer - and that's all the churches na!
Today, my God, kadilakad to the max - and since high blood na ako and diabetic pa - plus all my other conditions, I had to keep pace and just pray I don't faint from the heat and the long walk.
To amuse ourselves, we decided to take pictures of the house we like. Funny thing is, we all liked the same house!

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