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Friday, April 3, 2015

In Awe at the Beautiful Interiors of the San Beda Church

Unbeknownst to us, as we were entering the church inside the San Beda campus was that it was going to close na in a few minutes!  This is my first time to enter the church and it has some of the most beautiful paintings on its interior walls of any church I know. Everything really looked freshly painted!

So amidst, again, the sea of humanity, who were praying and doing their Stations of the Cross, were the local tourists like me who were amazed by the beauty of the church's interiors, and were busy snapping pictures up there and up further there.

If only most of the churches around my area were this beautiful, it would be a great experience as it is, to worship and pray.  Kudos na rin sa San Beda brothers to have maintained such an alluring church. Even the Stations of the Cross were paintings, although we had to figure out which station we were.

When we left the church, the guards already closed the entrance yet there was still a crowd outside, doing their prayers, but were not allowed inside anymore.  We just entered the church at the nick of time.

There were thousands of people walking in Mendiola as well, most likely they came from St. Jude and the others from San Sebastian and maybe the others preparing for the procession in Quiapo. I never imagined Holy Week to be this lively.  

Sa totoo lang, with our politician-leaders betraying us and letting us down - again and again - with their all too human frailties - sa Diyos na lang talaga kakapit ang karaniwang tao!

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