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Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Bountiful Harvests of Blessings from the Monastery of Sta. Clara

I was joking my friends last night that the Way of the Cross we were doing was also the Way of Alberto - a pun I created since some of the churches we visited were also the churches my ex and I visited years ago!

The Monastery of Sta. Clara is especially important for me since we wrote some wishes there!  Yun lang, di ko na maalala request ko!  I am not usually very specific with my requests before, parang 'world peace' lang.

My friends offered some eggs so I'm sure the nuns there will pray for their intentions.    Ako, ayun, nawili sa kapipicture! This was after all, just my second visit to this monastery.  It was 9:30PM na ata when we arrived here so there were no signs of the cloistered nuns, unlike in my previous visit, where you can hear them singing!  

However, the influx of devotees and pilgrims seemed endless!!  May mga buses pa nga na dumating! I was really amazed sa faith ng mga Pilipino! 

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