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Friday, April 10, 2015

Slowly Getting Over My Fear of Dogs

I'm actually afraid of dogs! Kasi when I was 11 years old, our neighbor's dog jumped on my bum tapos aray, tapos ayun, starting from that incident, I keep away from dogs na! I'm really terrified of them na ayun, lumalayo talaga ako if I see them.
I have so many funny stories nga regarding my Bangkok trips kasi I always walk home to my hotel after a night out, e syempre 4am na yun and wiz na masyado tao sa daan. Bangkok has so many stray dogs, kahit sa Sukhumvit Road, which is supposed to be an upscale place!!
So if I see a dog coming towards me in this sidewalk I would immediately cross to the other side, only to see another group of dogs there! One night nga, I couldn't go inside my hotel sa back entrance kasi may mga dogs sa may entrada!! God knows how many stones and sticks I've had to arm myself just to keep a dog away from me during those crazy nights!
Anyway, now that Laura and Dylan just adore dogs, ayun, I am asking Laura's help to get over my fear of them. Slowly nawawala na but I still can't hold them without Laura giving them to me. That's my next goal, na ako mismo kukuha sa kanila from their playpen.
By the way, these are the new additions to the Fabe family!! From top to bottom is Brooke, then Katrina, our very first dog, then Cooper, the only boy! And he's so noisy and frisky! At least when I go home late, they're the first ones to welcome me when I open the door! They're so adorable!!
I really hope I can get my fear over them soon kasi I'd like a bigger dog in the future!

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