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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Visita Iglesia 2015: Stop for Food #3!

Stop for food 3, Church 2

Mas marami pa kaming rest stops for food kesa sa simbahan na nabisita!  It was already 8PM kasi and I was thinking of the traffic and the driving I had to do, so we just decided to have dinner na at Jollibee. Grabe, 2 churches took us three hours!

My will power was weak as well and I ended up ordering food I shouldn't eat - my favorite comfort foods in Jollibee!  Pano naman kasi, mainit, pagod na me and I just wanted to eat something familiar and delicious!  Tuloy nasermonan ako ni Father Midler!  

Usually, I watch naman what I eat Midler, but in situations of stress and pagod, I just give in to what I want. Di naman sya always e.

I was a bit worried also around that time, because my eyesight was a bit blurry - di ko na makita si boylet from afar.  Usually if that happens kasi to my eyes, it means pagodah na ako and I have to rest na - e we had 5 churches to go pa!

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