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Thursday, April 2, 2015

UST: A Must Visit in Any Visita Iglesia

Pwede ba namang di isama ang Pontifical University of Asia sa Visita Iglesia e parte na ng heritage natin ang UST although most of us never really get to study there. I admit that I was jealous that the school got the opportunity to host Pope Frances, pero ganun talaga e, pontifical university sila e - although I don't know clearly what that really means.
As usual, sea of humanity din ang sumalubong sa amin, and good thing lang talaga na there's always a parking space na nababakante everytime we arrive in a new church.

As I said nga, parking is becoming a major problem sa annual Visita Iglesia - a sign na unti-unti nang nagkakakotse ang madlang pipol of the Philippines!
The crowd here lang, as expected are the youth majority. We took the liberty of taking pictures around the campus before going into the church to do our religious obligations.
In fairness talaga, the old buildings in the campus can rival the ones you see in Europe. I just really hope pina-earthquake proof na nila ang mga old buildings nila kasi it would be such a shame if masira lang sya ng earthquake. And of course, the human casualties nun, especially if the earthquake happens during school hours!

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