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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Visita Iglesia: Christ the King for Stations 1 and 2 of the Cross

Out on a whim, my friends and I decided to do the Visita Iglesia this year, since I kinda missed doing the thing, kasi the last time I did it was way back in 2008 pa and boy, things have changed a bit na pala!
I was amazed at the huge turnout of people! Something which I did not see before in 1999 and in 2008! There were just so many people in all the churches we went to!
The first church we went to was Christ the King in Green Meadows. I haven't been to this church since 1996, when a friend of mind got married here. I was shocked to see that the whole place was crowded with cars so we had to park very near the Jollibee na in the corner of C5 and Greenmeadows Ave!

It was a bit of a walk but it was ok since there were so many nice houses around we joked around wishing we lived in that house. Yun lang, I remember, I never had to walk this far during my first two Visita Iglesias! Good thing we started at 5PM na so the sun was just setting and it wasn't so hot anymore! Otherwise, nganga kami sa init ng araw since yesterday was a very hot day!

The real reason I chose this place kasi it was the church nearest to the Padre Pio church, which was really the church I wanted to visit - it was our church #2 in the list.
Anyway, this Visita Iglesia was very instructive in a way because of the choices of the church we went to. Admittedly, the first three churches we went to had the upper middle class to middle class crowd in them.
You can see it in the way people queue and the smell and the way people dress as well. There was a sizeable crowd in each church but it was orderly and not chaotic at all. Translation - not much fun because there weren't too many unique characters to see!
We did the first two stations here and proceeded to walk to the Padre Pio church which is about 2 kilometers from Christ the King.

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