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Friday, April 3, 2015

Our Very Own San Sebastian Church - As Stunning as the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris

Anyone who has been inside the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris can surely say that our very own San Sebastian Church has some similarities.  Well, we don't have the famous flying buttresses of the Notre Dame, but once you get inside San Sebastian, with the very effective night lighting the priests placed there, para akong natransport sa scene ng The Hunchback of Notre Dame.  Nga nga in other words!

It looked very Gothic to me and I felt I was Esmeralda mesmerized by the grandeur of the church inside.  Yun lang nga, magulo sa loob ng church because many people were coming in and out, doing their prayers and religious obligations.

I guess most of the people who were there last night go to this church every Sunday so wiz effect na sa kanila ang grandeur ng church na eto but for people like me who only visit this place once in a while (this is my 3rd visit, one was a wedding), nganga talaga!

Tamang tama lang ang timpla nila sa lighting, bringing to great effect the beautiful architecture you can see above.  Solemn ang dating although parang palengke sa baba.  People were not noisy naman but there was a lot of movement - coming in - coming out - paying their respects to the suffering of Jesus Christ.

Add to that the cacophony of Tagalog and English as people did their stations of the cross.  I was also very happy to see a lot of young Catholics doing their Holy Week obligations!  I wasn't that religious when I was young - I mean I never really went on Visita Iglesias, preferring to avoid the summer heat in the comfort of my home - enjoying the silence that the Holy Week offers.

If you saw the sea of humanity in the San Sebastian Church quadrangle last night, you'd wish that this religious fervor would translate into an urgency among Filipinos, especially our youth, to vote for leaders who really care about us, hindi lang pakitang tao.

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