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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Book Review: 44 Scotland Street

Alexander McCall Smith takes a respite from Botswana in this book, and brings us a glimpse of his hometown, Edinburgh, Scotland.  The title refers to the address of Pat, the lead character of the book and all her quirky neighbors.

I thought at first that I wouldn't like this book because of its departure from the usual things Mr. McCall Smith writes, but I was in for a surprise!  His eye for detail and observant nature allows you to see the concerns and problems of his own fellow Scotsmen - and women!  

There's an ensemble here of characters that would seem like a modern bourgeois version of Downton Abbey - there's the rugby hunk, Bruce, the domesticated intellectual, Domenica, and a host of other interesting personnages. Each character here has his or her own concerns - and opinions of each other - and the author allows us a glimpse of his beloved city as well!

This could be a good material for a TV movie or a series as each character can bloom on their own, as the series progresses.

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