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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Revisiting My Dream to Own My Own Cafe

I want to have my own cafe or bar, much like the bar in the TV sitcom Cheers, a place where my friends can drop by and drink and celebrate din milestones in their lives. The one I have in mind actually resembles the Fringe Club in Hong Kong. May gallery na, and a bar where a band can play, tapos enough space for a theater play to be held, tapos rehearsal studios na sa taas. That would be the template of my own bar - kasi nga I love culture and a night on the town.
Nagkasya sya lahat sa Hong Kong ha, considering that there, space is such a premium! The idea works in Hong Kong, I don't know if it would work here pero anyway, I will have to think about that pag may budget na hehehe
That dream came to me again when we chanced upon this quaint and cozy coffee shop called Hood Hood very near the San Sebastian church. The owners are of Arabic descent but I think Pinoy na sila kasi ang galing na nila mag-Tagalog e.
Anyway, we really needed a bathroom break around that time, after visiting UST and since it was still bedlam outside because the religious activity just finished, we decided to dive inside the cafe to eat something.
Grabe ang sea of humanity outside! Parang Divisoria during Christmas season - and thrown in din cars and vans and kuligligs for good measure - sometimes I don't know how order can happen in such a chaotic environment - pero in fairness, wala naman na-iinjure or nababanggang kotse! Testament sa kaastigan ng mga Pinoy!
Masarap ang tuna sandwich nila and sweet din ang frappe coffee nila. It was a nice relaxing break before sabak ulit sa last three churches of our Visita Iglesia.

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