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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Coco Martin's Woman on a Leash: Copied to Generate Controversy

When I read about that Bench fashion show controversy about Coco Martin having a woman on a leash, I immediately thought, "Oh, kinopya lang nila si Madonna", which they did kasi I'm sure whoever directed that show also saw Madonna's Confessions Tour.
Yun lang, in Madonna's concert, it was she who was holding the leash and it was two of her male dancers ata who played the part of the 'horses'.
I haven't seen the whole 'Coco Martin' sequence so I don't know if it was done in context. Baka kasi bigla lang lumabas si Coco na may dalang 'pet'. I guess that's the reason why so many people were offended.
In Madonna's show naman, the whole sequence started with a video of many horses running, so when everyone came out wearing equestrian costumes that veered towards a blatant S&M context, get na agad ang concept! (Of course, what's a Madonna concert with sexual overtones!).
It's actually one of my most favorite concepts she has ever done, because the costumes designed by D&G were beautifully made and I'm sure everyone who was into S&M that night were turned on by it!
If that concert of Madonna was brought here to Manila years ago, people who saw the Bench show would instantly say, "Ay nakita ko na yan before ah!"

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