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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Pool Boy

I was in the pool today and the guy beside me was this hot tisoy with broad shoulders. OMG! He was prepping up for his butterfly stroke so I can see him wiggle his body up and down the pool much like what a mermaid would do - the only difference was, it was a hunk doing it! 

Really, I couldn't concentrate on my laps! All that wiggling was messing my mind!

He finally did the butterfly stroke after an hour and he was majestic to watch! It was like a merman was chasing after me! Chos!

Ayun, I had my chances of talking to him as we did rest at the same side of the pool several times, but I don't know, I just clammed up!

Maybe I just wanted the fantasy to stay for a while. I was afraid that if he'd open his mouth, his voice would squeak like Mickey Mouse - or he would be really malamya - which would totally destroy the fantasy in my head!

I had to leave the pool after my ten laps, I was famished - all I could think about was eating his quarter pounder! Oooppsss, Freudian slip! Anyway, I did linger a little bit, just checking him out - stalker! But he was so in the zone!

He'd better watch out next time coz, he'll swim right into my net!

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