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Sunday, October 12, 2014

One Night of Fun with the Airdance Troupe

Once in a while, I get to attend intimate performances which allow the audience members to be at a close proximity to the performers.  What made the dance performance of the Airdance troupe more special was that it was a modern contemporary dance performance, which is a rare occurrence in Manila, as most of the shows that are related to dance here are either of the classical variety or the ones you see in popular noontime shows like Showtime.

I am not an expert on dance technique but I was very impressed by the performance of the group - the fluidity of their movements, the fearlessness of their performance, the diversity and the heartfelt themes that they chose which young people could easily relate to, the relative youth of the troupe, the interesting choices for their music and background, and the wealth of talent in the group.  This is actually in stark contrast to the modern dance performances that I see abroad where I sometimes leave the theatre bewildered and wondering what the hell the dancers were trying to tell me.  I don’t read the prepared synopsis kasi until after the show since I want to figure out things for myself rather than be conditioned to expect something.

It is no surprise that the Airdance dance troupe was also chosen to represent the country in an international dance event in Singapore.  They move very confidently and it’s as if their instrument is hardwired to their hearts.

It's a pity I wasn't able to invite more friends to watch the show as I believe many of my even younger friends who love to dance hip hop would be able to appreciate the show and see another form of dance - a more pure expression of one's emotions and feelings.  I believe that with a strong foundation in modern contemporary dance, these kids can contribute more to improving their hip hop moves than just copying what they see in Youtube.

Thanks Ely Bautista for giving me the invite.  It was also fun to see some of my friends Honey Mata and Heidih Pang really enjoy the performance.

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