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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

A Taste of the Naked Truth - Bench Style!

Based on the tweets of Markki and Sam Concepcion, the Bench Naked Truth underwear show will push through tomorrow, Saturday, September 20 at 5:30PM.  I won't be watching though since the venue is not very intimate but it would've been fun to see the guys shirtless!  

My favorite there is Markki Stroem and I'm really happy for him because I think his exposure here would really endear him to the masses.  I think that's really the push he needs right now.  It also helps that he's such a looker, yum yum!!  I feel lucky though since I can see him in my gym regularly bwahaha I'm just too shy to say hi!

It's also great to see Dominic Roque in the mix.  He has really beefed up since the last time I saw him.  When we talked to him about two years ago, he and his manager were still shy about him getting beefed up and showing off his body.  See what two years later can do!!  I hope it boosts his career as well!

Tom and Dennis are already proven and tested actors so their inclusion here is just to titillate the fans of their defunct yet very popular TV show.

As for Martin, finally, somebody had the great idea to include him in this show!  I've been so into him since that teleserye he appeared in a few years ago.  I think he's hot!!

Don't know much about Arnold Van Opstal since I'm not a hoops fan but UAAP hoops fans out there should be very happy!

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