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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Checked Out The Palace Pool Club Last Night

I have heard a lot of great things lately about Manila's party scene and how it has really elevated itself to world-class status.  

I haven't really checked out any of the party venues today's millennials go to but with the right invitation coming from the right person, how I can say no?

I've been wanting to go to the Palace Pool Club for sometime now because some international DJs performed there last year, but since I lacked the courage to just ask around about the place, ayun, I missed the shows of Steve Aoki and Kaskade.  

Not gonna happen this year.  I know the layout of the place already and I know the right places to just chill without spending an arm and a leg!

It is a beautiful place and I love the idea that it's open air.  People there said it was big but I've been to bigger party places abroad so I just quietly nodded.

I like the way they arranged the place - party people down near the stage, the smooching crowd in the middle and the alcoholics in the back.

These pictures were taken before the mayhem began so we were able to navigate around the place without much hassle.

Finally, I love the idea of just partying in the most casual of outfits!  However, 80% of the crowd was still dressed up but there were a few lazy ones like me who came in shorts and slip-ons.  

Pool party nga e, tapos naka-long sleeves, ano yun?

I will definitely visit the place again, next time I see they feature a visiting DJ!

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