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Monday, January 11, 2016

Lady Gaga: Best Actress in a Ryan Murphy TV Show - How Appropriate!

I have been a fan of Ryan Murphy's American Horror Story series for the past few years.

Yun lang, I've never outwardly expressed it kasi in my FB feed, most of my friends are into GOT and TWD and I haven't seen anyone here post that he or she likes AHS.

It's also not a very easy show to like because all the characters are crazy, scary and evil and it's no holds-barred when it comes to the violence. When I saw the first episode of this fourth season nga, I blurted out "P***** i**!" These are scenes you cannot possibly broadcast in local television.

They are not only violent, they're disturbing. However, you have to see them in the full context of the show before you become all-MTRCB with them - because all the actions and motivations of the characters in the series are thoroughly aligned with their sick minds!

Anyway, the show already had its share of awards glory, thanks to Jessica Lange, who was fantastic in the first two seasons. In their latest season, Hotel, Lady Gaga takes the place of Jessica, becoming like the 'queen bee' that holds the whole story together.

And just like Jessica's character, she may look motherly and caring to you but she can dispatch you just like that if you spite her.

If you are a fan of the show, you would know that Ryan just changes the setting and the story but retains the horror part as well as the cast. Yun lang, the cast also changes roles, which is a very clever idea as well.

It was fun to see Lady Gaga win Best Actress for her role in American Horror Story: Hotel. Personally, I'm not quite sold with her acting because one problem with singers becoming actors - is that - it's not easy to replace the singer persona with the character they are playing - especially for Lady Gaga in AHS Hotel. Parang it's Lady Gaga - the vampire, persona - a look that she had already done in many of her music videos.

But still, congratulations to her! I'm just curious if the Emmy voters also think she's Emmy-worthy. Abangan this September.....

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