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Saturday, January 16, 2016

K Long: The Drag Queen Sent to Liven Up Last Night's Party

The host and special guest for last night's party at the Palace Pool Club was K Long, a drag queen who towered all over us at a height of 7 feet. Add a few inches to her high heel kinky boots and she was quite a sight to see.

Like Lady Gaga meets the world's tallest woman.

Unlike our local drag queens though, she couldn't belt out and just lipsynched her songs and due to her stature weaved and danced carefully because seriously, those high heel boots of hers can cause a severe sprain if she tripped!

She was cool though for photo ops and mind you, when she went around, the poor six footer basketball players present looked like schoolboys! It was so funny to see!

She was just a towering presence!

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